Avanti! - Trailer

Posted on: June 13, 2005 | Views: 244 | Comment

This gem of Billy Wilder's later career begins when ulcer-suffering billionaire Wendell Armbruster (Jack Lemmon) is called from the golf course to be told that his father has died in a car crash while vacationing in Italy. He must now travel overseas to transport the body. Once on the tourist-paradise island of Ischia, he faces a bureaucratic nightmare during which he meets the daughter, Pamela Piggott (Juliet Mills), of the mistress in whose arms his father died. Love ensues as the married son plays out his father's peccadilloes. AVANTI! is almost a semisequel to THE APARTMENT, as it is steeped in the feelings of a man a long way from home, entering the third act of his life. 

death • romance • mismatch • Italy