Baby Huey

  • Season 1
  • Aired 02/14/2014

Stacy and Dave bait a tree with a baby doll to bring out Sasquatch and hope that a little blood will sweeten the deal.

We got to set Baby Huey up.

We got to set that baby up,

get the game cam set up,then we can do what we do.

So, uh, this last huntwe're gonna try

some new techniquestrying to attract Bigfoot

and get the photo that we need.

Oh, you want meto put it up in it.

Further you tuck it in,the closer they got to be.

Sasquatch are supposedlyattracted to baby crying.

All right, little dude.

We stuck a baby dollup under a log

and put two game camsin there with it.

The reason behind this,

people say that can hearthe game cams running

and that they can see

the infrared lightcoming from them.

Playing the baby crying

on a mp3 playershould cover the sound

that the game cams make.

(baby crying)

Anything comes in,

there'll be a game cam sittingright on the baby's belly.


Before the Sasquatch even knows

it's got a picturetooken of it,

we'll have four of them.

All right, bro,here's what we're gonna do

with that blood.

We also got some blood.

We're gonna soakaround the baby doll.


Oh, boy,that (bleep) stinks.

We stopped by a butcher shopon the way here.

Told them I was tryingto attract a Bigfoot.

They looked at me likeI was crazy.

But, uh, they gave usabout four pints of blood.

Man, this smellis gonna carry, bro.

Yeah, it is.

All right, I'm out of blood.