Private Fears In Public Places - Trailer

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Sophie is Thierry's sister and roommate who spends most of her time trying to find a boyfriend. Thierry is a real estate agent who shows Nicole several apartments. Nicole is looking for a 3 bedroom to share with her fiancĂ©, Dan, but Dan has little interest in helping her, in fact, his only concern lately is getting drunk and his only acquaintance is the bartender, Lionel. Lionel listens to other people's problems, while his own are enormous. He cares for his sick and hateful father and when he goes to work at night, Charlotte, a caregiver he has hired, takes over. Charlotte has a few tricks up her sleeve to keep Lionel's cantankerous father in check. The six collide and influence each other's lives in significant ways as they navigate the cold winter months in Paris. About how the power of friendship, no matter the eccentricities, can change our lives and heal our hearts. 

foreign film • friendhsip