Big Wars - Trailer

Posted on: March 27, 2006 | Views: 532 | Comment

In the beginning of the 21st century, humanity has "terraformed" and settled on the planet Mars. But humans are not the only beings in the universe.

A primeval race of aliens, referred to only as "The Gods," has been keeping track of man's advancements. Now, these strange extraterrestrials have returned to stop the human race from conquering the cosmos -- and they'll use whatever force necessary to do so. Mars turns into a field of war, as humans employ the latest technology. The aliens, however, have terrifying weapons at their disposal -- including a mind controlling "plague" that transforms the most loyal soldiers into menacing rebels. Humanity's last hope is Captain Akuh and his crew aboard the Battleship Aoba. Their top-secret mission will help deal a definitive strike to the alien forces. But Akuh's troubles start when his girlfriend starts exhibiting the first symptoms of alien subversion disease -- nymphomania. 

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