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Johnny Greyeyes - Theatrical Trailer

Posted on: June 28, 2005 | Views: 146 | Comment

This is the powerful story of a Native American woman struggling to maintain strength, love and spirit within the walls of a women's prison. An official Sundance selection, the movie was also nominated for Best Picture at the American Indian Motion Picture Awards, and Jorge Manzano won Best Director. It also won the Freedom Award at Los Angeles Outfest 2000. Since the shooting death of her father, Johnny has spent most of her life in prison. There, she forms a new family and falls in love with her cellmate Lana. But her responsibilities to the outside world weigh heavily as she attempts to pull together her fractured natural family. With her release date near, Johnny valiantly strives to keep her two worlds together. 

women • prison • sundance • Native American/American Indian • Indian