Woman Busted Driving Stolen Car

In Spokane, WA, Officer Jensen confronts a woman who comes up with a farfetched story about why she’s possession of a stolen vehicle.


police officer in Spokane is

very interesting.

I mean, you're out here on the


You encounter new things every


I have two boys and both of them

are probably too young to

realize the danger of the

job that I have, but they just

like knowing that their daddy's

out there kind of helping the

community and helping people be

safe in the community.

Saturn GL.

Right now we're going to stop

this car in front of us.

It shows to have...it shows to

be a stolen vehicle, reported


Charlie 3-13.

>> ( over radio ): Go ahead.

>> JENSEN: Can you confirm the

stolen on 805...?

What I'm going to do is I'm

going to wait till I at least

get one or two other units in

the area.

If the car takes off, there'll

be other units in the area to

help, you know, either stop...

Actually, she's going to stop

right here.

3-13. Looks like she's pulling

over right in front of the


Looks like occupied by one.

A female.

And we're facing southbound.


All right, get back in the car.

>> Um, this isn't my car.

>> JENSEN: Okay.

Come here.

>> My friend is in there...

>> JENSEN: Okay, turn around and

face the car.

Put your hands behind your back.

>> None of my things are in it.

>> JENSEN: I know, but put your

hands behind your back.

>> But why-why...

>> JENSEN: Just relax, relax.

>> Why?

>> JENSEN: I'll explain that to

you in a second.

>> But what...what's...?

>> JENSEN: Hey...

>> But why?

No, stop!

>> JENSEN: Quit resisting.

>> Stop, please.

No, stop!

( crying ): I'm not resisting.

I'm not!

I swear. Stop.

>> JENSEN: Stop resisting.

Stop resisting.

>> I'm not resisting.

>> JENSEN: Yes, you are.

>> No, I'm not.

>> JENSEN: Give me your arm

right here in the small of your


>> Officer, I'm sorry.

>> JENSEN: Put your arm right


>> Officer, I'm sorry.

>> JENSEN: Just relax.

>> Ouch.

Ow! Please.

>> JENSEN: Charlie 3-13.

I got...

>> Ow, please.

>> JENSEN: ...one in custody,

but being resistant.

( woman growls )

Just probably one more unit will

be all right.

>> Sir, I've got a bad back.

>> JENSEN: Just relax.

>> Please. Stop...ouch! Ouch!

>> JENSEN: Okay, relax.

>> Ouch. Ouch. Please.

>> JENSEN: Relax.

>> Please.

>> JENSEN: Do you have any

weapons, needles, anything like


>> No!

>> JENSEN: All right.

Go ahead and hop up.

Watch out.

>> Oh, God.

>> JENSEN: Step back to the car


>> Okay.

Listen, I was just returning my

friend's car.

They're in the...

>> JENSEN: Okay, I haven't asked

you anything about the car.

Why are you so concerned about

the car?

>> I'm not concerned about it.

>> JENSEN: Hey, can I use your

car, Officer Carpenter?

>> But you said it was my...

>> JENSEN: Spread your feet out.

I didn't say anything about the


>> You said it was mine.

You said, "Get back in your


>> JENSEN: Yeah, that's what I

did say.

>> But I told you...and I told

you that it wasn't...

>> JENSEN: No needles on you?

>> No, sir.

I've got nothing on me.

>> JENSEN: Okay.

>> My friend came to my house

and was like you need to drive

and go get her and she's going

to get raped.

>> JENSEN: Just hang tight for a

second, all right?

>> I was here to help...

>> JENSEN: You're going a

hundred miles an hour.

You need to relax.

I'm going to have you sit in


Take a couple of deep breaths

and I'll talk to you in a

second, all right?

>> Okay, but what's going on?

>> JENSEN: Scoot back in.

>> Sir, please, I don't


>> JENSEN: Right now you're

being detained because the car

there has been reported stolen.

How did you get this vehicle


>> ( crying ): I was...I was

sitting at a friend's house just

waiting for a ride and somebody

came in and said there...a

friend of ours was here at this


>> JENSEN: What's this bar


>> It's the...the lunch bar.

It's just a little pothole down

by the big brick building.

That's all I was told.

>> JENSEN: So they told you to

come down to this bar?

>> Yeah.

>> JENSEN: And to do what?

>> And go get her and take her


>> JENSEN: Who's her?

>> Sarah.

>> JENSEN: Sarah what?

>> I don't know her last name.

She's tall...

>> JENSEN: Have you ever met her


>> Once.

>> JENSEN: Met her once.

>> One time.

>> JENSEN: So the people at this

house tell you...they told you

to get...take her...

Is this her car then?

>> That's what I was told, yes.

It's her car.

>> JENSEN: How could I talk to

these people to verify your


>> Go down to the house.

>> JENSEN: Okay, so if I drive

you down there and talk to them,

they'll corroborate what you

just told me?


>> Yes.

>> JENSEN: So you're going to

make me go out of my way to

waste my time to go talk to some

people that don't exist.

Okay? Listen to me.

>> Don't exist?

>> JENSEN: Listen to me.

This isn't the first time I've

done this before.

What did you find there?

>> Looks like methamphetamines.

>> JENSEN: Some crystal meth.

>> The white powder, looks like

little salt crystals.

We'll put it in a test kit and

see if it is.

>> JENSEN: All right, here's the


You're under arrest for


>> Obstructing? What...?

>> JENSEN: Basically, when a

police officer stops you, and

especially when you're in a

stolen car, and I tell you to do

something, I give you orders to

do something, I tell you to put

your hands behind your back and

that I'm detaining you, and then

you rip your hand away and you

turn and face me in an assault

position and I have to put you

to the ground...

>> But I wasn't going to assault


>> JENSEN: Listen, listen.

I don't know what you're going

to do. I don't know you.

The bottom line is, when I'm

giving you orders, you follow

them, okay?

>> I'm sorry.

>> JENSEN: Second off, a search

of your purse there, we find

some crystal meth.

>> My purse?

I don't have my purse.

>> JENSEN: Well, your purse with

your driver's license in it.

>> That would be my purse, but

there is nothing in there but

five dollars and some change and

my belongings.

>> JENSEN: So that's your purse


>> But that meth is not mine.

>> JENSEN: And I'm arresting you

for the stolen car. Okay?

( woman crying )

Hello, how are you?

>> Good. How are you?

>> JENSEN: I'm officer Jensen.

Are you Nicole?

>> Yes.

>> JENSEN: Okay, basically, some

gal is driving your car tonight.

Obviously, it was reported

stolen, so I stopped her.

Um, she had some meth on her.

Do you know a girl named

Cassandra at all?

Or...I want to know if you know


>> No.

>> JENSEN: Okay.

She's telling me this kind of

far-fetched story and the way

she acted when I first pulled

her over kind of leads me to

believe that she has knowledge

that the car is stolen.

But she's giving me some other

story trying to make an excuse

as to why she's in the car and

why she didn't know it was

stolen, but I don't believe her.

>> Okay.

>> JENSEN: You know, she did

have methamphetamine on her and

meth users often use needles and


We went through the car as best

we could, but there is a

possibility there could be a

needle under your seat or a

needle somewhere in the crack of

a seat.

>> Okay.

>> JENSEN: So take it home,

really go through it.

Detail it before you stick your

kids in there or do anything.

Be real careful that way, okay?

>> Thank you so much.

>> JENSEN: All right.

No problem.

>> Very much.

>> JENSEN: Take care.

>> Thank you. You, too.

>> JENSEN: Yep.