Meth-Addicted Bicyclist Goes To Jail

In Palm Springs, California, Officer Anthony Pilutik makes a traffic stop after observing a bicyclist ignore a stop sign. Pilutik finds two methamphetamine pipes and some packets of drugs in a cigarette pack.


job really changed my life.

It makes you see what's out

there in the world and makes you

really thankful for what you


There's a lot of people that are

down and out and I'm very

fortunate to be doing what I'm


I go home at night and I know

I've done a good deed for the

day, and I can deal with that.

I'm going to stop this bicyclist

up here just blew the stop sign

in front of me.

Unknown if it's male or female.

Hi, good evening.

Where you heading to?


>> I'm going to the casino.

>> PILUTIK: All righty, do you

have any ID on you?

>> Yeah.

How are you doing?

>> PILUTIK: I'm doing all right.

My shift's almost over.

>> Cool.

>> PILUTIK: Susan, have you ever

been arrested before, probation,


>> Yeah.

>> PILUTIK: What?

>> I've been arrested for DUIs

and for speed and for...

that's it.

>> PILUTIK: You on parole

right now?

>> No.

>> PILUTIK: Probation?

>> Probation.

>> PILUTIK: Prop 36?

>> Yeah.

>> PILUTIK: Okay, when's the

last time you used, Susan?

>> Probably...

>> PILUTIK: Honest.

>> A month ago.

>> PILUTIK: A month ago?

>> At most.

>> PILUTIK: So you've been clean

for a month, supposedly?

>> Probably more than a month.

>> PILUTIK: You've been a

chronic user for how long?

>> No.

>> PILUTIK: For how long?

>> Maybe a half year before I

got caught.

>> PILUTIK: That's it?

What did you do otherwise?

>> I didn't.

I drank.

>> PILUTIK: Really.

That's it?

>> And then I quit doing that.

>> PILUTIK: I see it in your


You've been using longer than a

half a year.

>> I'm 52!

>> PILUTIK: How old were you

when you took this picture?

>> Five-year-old picture.

It just ran out this year,

my birthday.

>> PILUTIK: Okay, why don't you

go ahead and step off your bike

for me.

Just go ahead, and is that a


Why don't you go ahead and take

your backpack off for me?

Okay, why don't you go ahead and

have a seat on that curb for me.

Put your feet out in front of

you and cross your ankles.

So there's nothing in your bags

that you're not supposed to


Nothing illegal, right?

No paraphernalia I'm going to

find? No pipes? I shouldn't.

So there's a doubt in your mind

that you could be, right?

>> There could be a pipe in


>> PILUTIK: There could be a


>> I'm not sure.

>> PILUTIK: She's on probation

for methamphetamines, so we'll

see what we find here.

And what do you know?

I think this might be...

Maybe not.

Yes, it is.

A methamphetamine pipe.

A broken one, but there it is.

And another one.

With, it looks like at least a

hit of meth in there.

She looks like a very nice lady

on her picture, but you can

definitely tell from who she is

now that she's been sucked up

from using methamphetamines.

She's completely lying to me

about having been clean for a

month and only using it for six

months prior to that.

And I wonder what she has in


Looks like we have possession

of meth... amphetamine.

Looks like she might have some


We've got various bags of

methamphetamine separately


Looks like she's good for sales.

Whoa, hold on.

We've got a big bag of ice.

And another bag of ice.

She's going to be doing some

definite prison time.

All right, have her walk over,


You want to tell me what this is

in your bag?

>> I don't know.

>> PILUTIK: You don't know?

This is the time where truth

comes out.

>> Truthfully, I don't know.

>> PILUTIK: Is this a shock to

you that this was in your bag?

>> Yes.

>> PILUTIK: You didn't know this

was in your bag?

>> No.

>> PILUTIK: At all?

>> No.

Where was it?

>> PILUTIK: Why are you lying to

my face?

>> I'm not lying to you.

Where was that?

>> PILUTIK: In this cigarette

pack in your bag.

>> I didn't know that.

>> PILUTIK: You didn't know that

so that just magically appeared?

>> To tell you the truth, I

didn't know it was in there.

>> PILUTIK: All I want you to

tell me is the truth.

>> Honestly, I didn't know.

>> PILUTIK: I don't want lies.

>> I'm not lying. I don't sell.

>> PILUTIK: You don't sell it?

But you're in possession for


>> And I don't lie.

>> And you don't use drugs.

>> I don't do drugs.

>> PILUTIK: And you don't

transport drugs and you don't

sell drugs?

>> No, I don't.

>> PILUTIK: Okay, with your

rights in mind, do you want to

talk to me about what's going


Tell me about this dope.

>> It's mine.

>> PILUTIK: Okay, you knew you

were lying to me out in the


>> Yeah, I knew.

Old as I am, I should know

better, and I know better.


I have a habit I can't quit.

>> PILUTIK: What's your habit?

>> I do, I try and keep it...

I try and keep it less than a

half a gram a day, but it's...

not... always that way.

>> PILUTIK: Why did you lie to

me about it?

>> Because admitting the truth

to this problem that I have


>> PILUTIK: It's hard to admit

the truth.

>> Right.

>> PILUTIK: Is this something

that you want to break?


Have you gone to any classes?

They didn't work for you?

( sobbing )

>> Nobody's willing to help.

>> PILUTIK: Nobody's willing to

help you?

Look at your driver's license


You didn't use in that picture,

did you?

It's a great picture.

>> It's sad.

>> PILUTIK: I appreciate your

honesty now.

We're going to get you some


You're going to get

through this.