Twelve Hours to Go

  • Season 1
  • Aired 02/14/2014

With only a half a day left in the hunt, Michael and Kat push to collect the crucial evidence, while Stacy and Dave pull samples from a game trail.

(Michael)There's only 12 hours remaining.

We heard a Bigfootlast night.

Now we just have to find it.

What am I looking at?

This right here.

It could'vejust landed this way,

but isn't it interesting?

That's weird,it's like it was put in there.

We found a very interestingstick marker, if you will,

that was drovein the ground really hard.

Look here.What do we have here?

That's tubular poo.

Right, we got tubular poo.

We're getting intothe key area here, Kat.

We collected scat

which is either bearor Sasquatch.

We'll have to wait 'tilthe DNA analysis.

Sit on this log for a minute,see if any mosquitoes bite us.

Mosquitoes arean awesome source of DNA.

If we could get a mosquitothat fed on Sasquatch,

we would have Bigfoot DNA.

Hold still,you got one on your hand.

There it is.

Our body of evidenceis getting pretty strong.

I feel like we're doingpretty well.

Hey, David,you got your gloves on still?

No, uh-uh.Come here.

A bit of a game trail here.

What is this?

We were walkingthis game trail.

Uh, Stacy saw a Bigfoot track.

This is 16-inch track.

You can put this animalaround 8-foot tall.

You got one right yonder.Yup.

One right here.

And there's a (bleep)hair in it.

There's a hair in there.

What's cool about thisis that I'm starting to form

another little theoryabout this.

They have hair on the sidesof their feet, homie.

They've got to have hairon the sides of their feet.

Look at that (bleep).

I'm putting it in the tube.

I'm feeling (bleep) stoked.

I mean, we've gotmultiple tracks,

hair in the track.

It don't get no betterthan that.

This hair may winthat $10 million.