The City of Lost Souls - It's the Best (Cockfight Scene)

Posted on: April 12, 2004 | Views: 37 | Comment

A cockfight that ends up in flames with some rotisserie chicken.

Mario and Kei are in love, but Kei is about to be deported. Add to that a local mob boss's yen for Kei (he'll do anything to get her away from Mario) and you've got a tangled web of problems on your hands. Mario needs money and while he's selling coke to get it, the Yakuza kidnaps Kei. Now he'll do anything to get her back.

From the director who also brought you the ultraviolent thriller Audition. Also boasts a great cockfight scene--which you can see right here!

This film is part of the Sundance Channel's Midnight Snack series.  

chicken • cockfight • fire