Setting Up The Sting On Avi

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/10/2014

We can an in-depth look at what goes into the sting house and how the guys prepare. When their target contractor shows up to the house early, some improvisations need to be made.

- Hi.- Good news.

- What have we got?- We've got Avi Cohen.

- Ah.- Avi, Avi, Avi.

Alison: I set up the appointment for the sting

tomorrow at 2:30.

We'll be hiding thereand we'll hit him

with a big old stackof the truth.


( radio chatter )

- He's not gonnabe happy to see us.- No.

Adam: We're at the sting house. We're getting ready.

Adrenaline, nerves.Heart's pounding.

Okay, this one's rolling.

Putting up cameras, getting everyone in place.

We'll catch a contractor.

And we're waiting to dropthe hammer on Avi.

Is your heart beating?Can you feel your heart?

I can't breathe.

That's the adrenalinerushing through youright now.

Audio is goodwhen you're ready.

I'm walking in.

( phone chiming )


Hello?Hi, Avi.

Good, how are you?

I plan on being home in a few minutes.

Are you in the area?

Oh, you're parked outside.Okay.


Okay, great. Bye-bye.

- He's here early.- Let's go.

Man on radio: Strike Adam's interview now!

All doors--shut the hall door.

Everybody hide.Everybody hide.