Cast Party

  • Season 1
  • Aired 02/07/2014

The field test gives the teams three hours to cast Bigfoot prints in plaster, and Michael is as comfortable with it as Kat is not. Who will get the edge?

Today we are testingyour tracking skills,

because if you can locate oneof Bigfoot's footprints,

you can find the beast himself.

We will judge youon your ability to locate

and cast Bigfoot prints

as well as any tracksof potential Bigfoot prey

like deer, elk, and raccoon.

Justin tracks in this area.

This is Justin's home.

I think we have a big leg upon this one.

To be able to track an animalis gonna be able to tell you

a lot about whatever organismyou're trying to study.

It can lead you directlyto biological evidence,

such as scat and hair,

and then you might be ableto get the visual evidence

that we're looking for.

And as you search,be on lookout

for especiallylarge tracks like these.

In 1958, bulldozer operatorJerry Crew

reported that he found

this print were he was workingnot far from here.

Who knows?You might find something

equally as exciting here.

When the field test is over,

you will submit your castto Dr. Todd.

The team to cast and identify

the largest varietyof animal tracks

will gain a key advantagein the next hunt.

So gather your gear,head out,

and look for fresh tracks.

Good luck.

I think we want to finda nice clear,

muddy openingnear the lake.

Our strategyis to go across the lake

because there's alders there.

Alders only growin mud and water.

It should be the perfect areato get tracks.

If Bigfoot is inthis immediate area,

I think there'll be some tracksin those alders.

All the other nitwitswent that way.

Yeah.We'll go this way.

But I want to checkthis brook out.

Look at this.


I'm pretty sureit's a bear.

I usually lug plasteraround with me.

I like plaster casts.

And as far asmixing plaster up,

uh, it's fairlystraightforward.

Ugh, I see stitchesin your future.

If you want to takethis mixing bowl.


And the mix is goingto be two to one, so--

What part of, "I've never donethis before," was unclear?


Do you want it lick it cleanor do you want me to do it?

Well, that's one down, Kat.


That one here,it's a better one here.

All right.

This would be the toes.

This would be pad.

There's one, two--It's probably a cat.

Probably lookingat a bobcat.

That's whatI'm talking about, man.