Meth Bust: Hawaii Style

In Maui, Hawaii, Officer Krau gives chase after a suspect bails out of his vehicle and runs into a nearby condominium complex.


just can't beat being a police

officer here in Hawaii.

You got the best job and the

best weather conditions, best


Down here is part of my patrol

area-- the area I normally


I'm going to check on this blue

vehicle, blue Honda up here.

It doesn't have a front license


So I'm going to stop and make

sure he knows he doesn't have a

plate, and find out if it's been

stolen or find out what the deal

is with it.

Doesn't look like he's going to

be stopping for me.

Yeah... no, he's not going to


He's going to pull in here.

He's opening... it looks like

he's going to bail.

He's opening his door.

He's going to run.

Stop, man, stop!

You'd better stop.

He just ran up the top of the

parking lot-- east part of the

parking lot by the boat.

Check by the boat.

East part of the parking lot.

We've got other units responding

to the east parking lot and the

top end.

This is the last place he was

seen running.

I'm going to go grab the car and

see if they can help me.

He went across there.

>> Up on the boat?

>> KRAU: No, he ran across by

the boat.

>> Mar Vista there?

>> KRAU: No, no, the condo down


>> Okay.

>> KRAU: He ran up to the


Yeah, he ran right across by the


Central, what's on this vehicle?


>> ( over radio ): Notice of

transfer on a 1990 Honda.

>> KRAU: He had a jump on us.

Ran, uh... into a neighboring


So we've got units over there

checking for him now.

He's got some crystal meth here.

Little packets.

Crystal meth here.

Some empty packets.

So... we're going to get him.

He's on the other side.

The car... he left running.

He left the car running.

Kind of just took off.

Didn't secure the vehicle.

Didn't grab any of his... um...

items to take with him.

With the stuff he's got in here,

it's definitely very highly

likely he's a burglar or a car


He's got latex gloves in here,

different articles of jewelry,

that, um... most likely going to

be stolen.


Is he running?

( garbled radio transmission )

Sarge, you want to watch the car

and I go?

Do you want to watch the car?

>> Go, go.

>> KRAU: Okay, we got an officer

chasing him... right now...

down by another condo down here.

So, he's in a foot pursuit with

the guy.

So, we're going to get in on


( siren blaring )

See if we can help him catch

this guy.

( siren continues )

( siren stops )

( siren resumes )

So he's right up here in the

back of this lot here.

We're going to

( audio indistinct ) with him.

Looks like we've got an officer

with the party now.

That's him.

That's him.

( panting ): It's him, definite.

Central, S-A-1.

One adult male in custody.

It's the party.

>> ( audio indistinct )

>> KRAU: Huh? Yeah.

We got drugs in the vehicle.

There's a bag in there.

I was trying to find out who he

was, opening up the bag, and

he's got ice in there and other


How come you ran, huh?

>> Because I have a parole


>> KRAU: Parole violation?

So you're just going to run like

that from the police?

You know you ain't gonna get


>> I just wanted to go see my

daughter, that's it.

My brand-new baby daughter is


I wouldn't have run otherwise.

I'd turn myself in, no problem.

>> KRAU: Okay, we're going to go


We're going to recover your


There's a bag in there.

I was trying to find out who he


Opened up the bag and he's got

ice in there and other


So, we're going to... I'm going

to go back and recover those


I'll catch up with you guys at

the station.


give me that.

>> KRAU: Thanks again.

>> CORPUZ: Okay.

>> KRAU: It's pretty sad.

He seems like a nice enough guy.

He's just got a major problem

with smoking batu or ice or

crystal methamphetamine, which

they commonly call batu here on

the islands.

It's a common street name.

So, I'm going to go in and get


This is confirmation of your

warrant, yeah?

For parole.

It's been revoked.

Your ticket straight back to


No bail warrant.

You got to get off those drugs,


>> CORPUZ: Just so you know,

there's other charges on you.

>> KRAU: You're also being

charged with resisting the stop

of a motor vehicle, promoting a

dangerous drug in the third

degree-- crystal meth, batu--

promoting a harmful drug in the

fourth degree, you have

prescription medication on you

without a prescription, and

promoting a detrimental drug in

the third degree.

You had, um, marijuana on you--

suspected marijuana in your bag,

in your vehicle.

>> I'm going to try to apply my


My motives are...

I can't figure it out.

I just keep ( bleep ) up every


>> KRAU: You can't get off the

ice, man?

>> I stay clean.

I stay clean the whole time I

stay in jail.

I just did three years straight.

I haven't even been out for

three months.

I hit one step out the gate, and

I couldn't say no.

>> KRAU: To the ice?

>> Don't ask me, man.

I've been to it, and...

>> CORPUZ: Is it that you come

out and stay with the same guys,


>> What happens is, I run into

someone, but I've been in jail

my entire adult life and the

only people I know are guys

from jail.

Except for my wife who's begging

me to do good every time.

I try.

I let them down over and over,

but I can't figure out why.

I hate myself for it.

>> CORPUZ: Maybe you just have

to try and get out of here.

>> KRAU: It's all about the ice,


Crystal meth-- it ruins people's


It ruins families.