Suspect Jumps From Speeding Car During Chase

During a high speed chase in Las Vegas, NV, officers remain in pursuit even after a suspects bails out at high speed. Once the car is stopped and the driver apprehended, police can start searching for answers.


Dispatch received a call of a

domestic violence situation

between a man and a woman in a

vehicle that was heading

eastbound on Desert Inn.

Upon Dispatch receiving the

plate number, the vehicle came

back stolen.

'87 Camry.

So we're heading in the area to

ATL for that vehicle.

>> ( over radio ): White Toyota

Camry four-door, Nevada...

>> SYMONETTE: She's giving us

updates right now.

So right now she has the air

unit en route, and it's about a

ten-minute time lapse.

( siren blaring )

There it is right there.

There it is.

Go. Swing...

( garbled radio transmission )

>> SYMONETTE: Control, 3DB-24,

we're behind that vehicle.

>> ( over radio ): ...21, on

411-A, northbound Pecos at


>> SYMONETTE: We're going to

take it down right now.



He's going.

>> SYMONETTE: He's taking off.

>> ( over radio ): ...en route

northbound Pecos at Flamingo.

>> SYMONETTE: What street is...?

We're in pursuit.

>> ( over radio ): Camry is

refusing to stop?

>> SYMONETTE: Speeds are 60

miles an hour.

Occupied two times.

>> ( over radio ): 724, I'm


>> ( over radio ): 724.

>> SYMONETTE: 724, northbound

on Monte Verde.

Westbound La Paloma.

Passenger is reaching for the


He's reaching for the door.

Okay, passenger's bailing out

the vehicle.

>> PRO: All right.

>> SYMONETTE: All right, female

suspect out on Paloma.

( garbled radio transmission )

We're now northbound on Wayne.

>> PRO: He's reaching.

He's reaching.

>> SYMONETTE: He's reaching for

something in the vehicle.

>> ( over radio ): You said he's

northbound... eastbound maybe,

coming up on Sandhill.


( audio indistinct ) car.

>> ( over radio ): Traffic is


( garbled radio transmission )

>> SYMONETTE: He's going to the

apartment complex.

He's in the apartment complex.


He's going to be bailing.

He's going to bail.

He's going to bail.

He's going to bail.

He's going to bail.


>> ( over radio ): He's in the

parking lot now and he's bailing


>> SYMONETTE: Get him, bro.

Get on the ground!

Get on the ground!

Get on the ground!

Get on the ground!

( garbled radio transmission )

Get on the ground.

>> PRO: Stay down.

>> I am.

I am.

I am not resisting.


>> ( over radio ):..taking him

into custody.

Just advise the exact location

when you can.

>> ( over radio ): They have him

in custody.

>> ( over radio ): Advise the

exact location.

>> ( over radio ): He's in


>> Okay, copy.

Was there a unit that was

available to...

>> SYMONETTE: You got a crack

pipe, huh?

That's nice.

I know you're not running 'cause

you have a crack pipe.