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In Search of Johnny Dean

Posted on: November 3, 2005 | Views: 15 | Comment

A tribute to agents worldwide.

Johnny (Benjamin RousA tribute to agents worldwide.

Johnny (Benjamin Rouse) is a fast-talking agent who will say anything to get his talent to believe him and to do what he wants them to do -- even if that means at one moment flattering them, and the next being shamelessly honest. He contradicts himself constantly due largely to his fast-paced shifting reality. Gerald (Pat O' Leary) is one of Johnny's recruits and is feeling out the situation at Johnny's office. In Mr. Dean's world, things can get a little crazy, and Gerald is torn between the lure of stardom and his inability to comprehend Johnny. Mr. Dean has obscure visions of the future for his talent and tells everyone about his rising superstar, the great Johnny Boulet, whom he believes they all have the potential to be equal to in fame. Gerald, in a moment of brilliance, finally grasps the mystic of Mr. Dean, and we see that Johnny has some issues to resolve... or perhaps just some drinking to do... or both.

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