Yanagi Knives Are Vital For Quality Sushi

Chef Besh replaces an old Yanagi knife that had become significantly worn down.

- Hello, Chef.- Hi, Chef.

Got a couple ofsurprises for you.

This isa brand-new Yanagi.

- Yours had been14 years old.- Oh, my God!

Where are your old knives?Let me compare them.

So, over the years,you sharpened this.

And this old knifeused to be

- the very samesize as this.- Yes. Yes.

- Unbelievable.- David: The other knife is stainless steel.

- We don't have a lot of control.- It's about precision.

- Yes.- These high-carbonsteel blades

- hold an edge better than any other steel.- Yes.

That would last meabout 20 years.

Narrator: A Yanagi knife is made from the same carbon steel

as Japanese swords.

The long blade with one angled side

is to be used in a pulling motion.

The blade's length and thin edge

help precision and controlling potion sizes.

I hope you enjoy it.

Besh: To a sushi chef like David, the knife is everything.

That is the one toolthat makes all the differencein the portion size.

And so I'm really lookingforward to bringing

a little more finesseto his incredible cuisine.

Last nightyou servedtwo scallops.

- How much a pound are those?- $34.

That wasthree and a halfounces right there.

And so the portion

that I wantto show you today

is out of onescallop.

You slice this scallopinto six little pieces.

It comes outmore than six pieceswith this new knife.

Besh: Let's do it as many slices as you can get.

A little bitof your cucumber,pickled carrot,

take some green onion,little bit of yuzu.

Just a little ponzuwith just a touch of wasabi

right over the top.

You have all thosedifferent things

that you hit onin most of yourdishes, right?

But you're only usingone scallop.

Half the portion,it's still a large dish.

It's costing you50% less.

I love this.

This isunbelievable.