Volatile Bar Manager Has Got To Go

Jon Taffer can't believe his eyes when the bar manager who assaulted a waitress has the audacity to show up to a staff meeting the following day. He made it very clear that if this bar was to be rescued, then she had to go. The owners at O Face decide to do the right thing and send this walking liability packing.


What I saw last nightwas a freak show.

You beat the hellout of that girl on purpose,

which, apart from being inappropriate, could lead to a lawsuit.

And I gave youa choice last night.

- Are you soberenough to remember?- Yep.

- What was the choice?- That she couldn't be here.

And you have the audacityto bring her back here.

You perpetuate it as owners.

And why was Ion the ground?

Cerissa, you ask for itall the time.

And you expect meto help you guys

after that's the choiceyou make?

Would you haveany part of thisif you were me?


You made your choice.

See ya.

( door opens )

I mean, honestly,what'd you thinkwas gonna happen?

I seen it a mile away.

Oh, well.

Oh, --, I'm so tired.

Amanda, we're inthe back office.

The only wayhe's gonna come backis if we have Amanda leave.

You have to do itthis time.

I do see potential in Amandaif she quit drinking.

She's a great asset.

I know you don't want to,but you gotta do it this time.

You gotta stick with it.

It's fine, I'll leave.Just give me the keys.

Sorry, Amanda.

I'm gone. Bye.


Amanda: It's -- up they didn't fight more for it.

But if Jon Tafferthinks that's what's best,I guess he knows best.

It had to be done.

-- O Face.That's it.