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MANswers: Carwash

Posted on: December 1, 2009 | Views: 4,029 | Comment

Find out if ta tas are the right tools for a sleek car wash. 

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Bouncy Jog

Bouncy Jog (2:07)

What's the distance boobs bounce when a chick jogs a mile?

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Garbage Truck

Garbage Truck (3:30)

How can a guy escape an ass-crushing garbage truck?

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Lady Tester

Lady Tester (3:30)

What's the most awesome job in the world?

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Every Wednesday night SpikeTV has Manswers for you. So Guys, just remember if you've got questions, we've got Manswers.

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Faking It

Faking It (2:03)

How can you tell if a girl is faking it?

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Record Breaking Sex

Record Breaking Sex (1:48)

What's the record for the most sex in one day?

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Bad Habits (1:50)

What habit will most likely shorten your pud?

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Where Have Some Dudes Made Secret Sex Tapes Without Breaking the Law?

Where Have Some Dudes Made Secret Sex Tapes Without Breaking the Law? (2:30)

Pack your bags and your tape recorders. It's time to record the good times.

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Blow (2:25)

What's the secret new way to smuggle blow across the border?

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Make A Stripper Your Lady?

Make A Dancer Your Lady? (1:59)

Make that hot stripper babe yours.

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