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Da Ali G Show - The Complete First Season - DVD Trailer

Posted on: August 17, 2004 | Views: 190 | Comment

The self-styled "hip-hop journalist" (aka British chameleon Sacha Baron Cohen) and white wannabe rap star, dressed in his trademark yellow track suit, wraparound glasses and pullover hat has been hailed as the funniest thing in the U.K .-- a tall order, that

On this DVD you'll find six, uncut, half-hour episodes that begin with a brief studio monologue by Ali G, followed by real-world encounters between Ali G, real-life celebrities and everyday American citizens in a variety of settings. Also making several appearances are Cohen's alter egos Borat, a naive television reporter from Kazakhstan, and Bruno, the campy Austrian journalist. Among the notables interviewed by Ali G and his multiple personalities are Newt Gingrich, Michael Dukakis, C. Everett Koop, James Lipton, Edwin Meese and Buzz Aldrin.

Also includes:
Never Before Seen Clips: Borat's Guide to Animals - The Hamptons Horse Show; Borat's Guide to Patriotism; An Exclusive Ali G Short Film Entitled Spyz; A Glossary of Ali G Catch Phrases; audio commentary of Episode One with Sacha Baron Cohen and Producer Dan Mazer. 

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