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Pretty Dead Flowers

Posted on: May 1, 2007 | Views: 320 | Comment

A wickedly precise dark comedy about the pathos of supermodel Samantha Kovacks. Confronted not only by the aging process, but also an unexpected resurgence in popularity and fame, Samantha finally uncovers the coveted answer to the timeless question¿what does beauty see when it looks at itself in the mirror?

Written by MELORA DONOGHUE, Pretty Dead Flowers is infused with intelligent, honest dialogue that sardonically unmasks the subculture of high fashion. JUSTIN LIBERMAN directs in his follow up to his award-winning 35mm debut with Y Nada Mas, which premiered at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival and swept Best Cinematography at the 2006 Malibu International Film Festival. Reuniting LIBERMAN with award-winning director of photography ANDREW P. WARUSZEWSKI, Lost Planet film editor PATRICK GRIFFIN, and Y Nada Mas producer JOSHUA MIKÆL, Pretty Dead Flowers marks his first collaboration with Executive Producers TIM SHEA and RICHARD WHITNEY. Using many of the original tools of the French Wave, Pretty Dead Flowers frames a similar view of our modern world where fashion and hyper-celebrity blur into the background of a dimly lit staircase, a Parisian balcony, and the quintessential skyline of Old Europe. Weaving through this universe with sharp humor and magnificently callous characters, Pretty Dead Flowers is a rich, beautiful, and dizzying ode to French and American independent cinema.

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