'Is That A Raccoon?!'

During the recon session in this Kansas bar, Jon Taffer and his experts notice several unacceptable factors. Among them are drunk owners, dissident bartenders, and even a raccoon.

Look how she's justangry and pissed.

Look at her face.



She's donefor the night.

Can we gettwo kamikaze shots?

Tiffany: She's really ignoring the customer right now.

I'll make it.You stay over here.

Liz jumped in. She's nowmaking the kamikazes.

- Thanks, Liz.- Anytime.

- Tony: Did she just | flip someone off? - Yes, she did!

Jon: Look at them. They're in shock.

And they're members.

They paid for the rightto be in this room.

- Relax.- He's sitting there -- ordering two cheeseburgers.

--, Shawna, you needto calm down.

Take a deep breath, slap a big smile on your face...


Liz: And let it go, okay?

- Jon: Drama queen |- Tiffany: Mm-hmm.

Oh, it's all about me.It's not about the customers.

- It's about her.- Exactly.

Can you smile?

- Smile?- Jon: Oh, we got | a superstar in her.

That's exactlywhat I was thinking.

Keep overpouring.Shawna just did a great job.

Jon: While Liz works hard to be a good business partner,

foolish owner Bill is happy'cause everybody's drunk.


- ( whistling, cheering )- ( music playing )

Oh, she can't finish it!Pussy!

What's your number oneresponsibility as a bartender?

To keep people safe.

Jon: This guy is promoting an unsafe environment.

One thing that infuriates me more than anything

is an irresponsible,drunk owner

who encourages his employeesto be drunk, drive home drunk,

encourages his customersto be overintoxicated.

He tells his employees,"Overpour, bitch."

- I've seen enough |- ( woman screams, curses )

- Man: What just happened |- Was that--

- What? - ( chittering )

What the heckis that?

- ( chittering )- Both: Oh!

- ( chitters )- A raccoon!

Woman: Yes.

- Tiffany: Oh, uh-uh |- Jon: Wildlife in the bar.

You might as well have ratscrawling across the table.

It's disgusting.

You know that thingis -- everywhere.

Woman: Oh, --. Look!

Jon: Raccoon -- |

- Mm.- That is so unsanitary.

Guys, I can'tlook at this anymore.