Scott & Samantha Return To A Transformed Home

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/23/2014

After living in a completely unfinished and unheated home for six months, Adam & Skip are able to give these homeowners what they always wanted: a beautiful home.

Oh, my God.

I'm really excited.

I mean the last timewe saw the house,

everything was justa disaster zone.

Hey, guys.

So I'm really hoping thatin this last week

these guys wereable to pull it off.

Oh, --.

Scott: Oh, my God!

Samantha:I could never have imagined.

This is exactly I was hopingit would look like.

- Really?- I mean you guysnailed it.

Yeah, we literarydid nail it.

We pulled all the joisthangers and renailed them.

- Scott: Oh, my God.- Samantha: I have a stove!

Scott:I love this backsplash.

I have no words.

So you have a reallyhealthy beam

going right downthis whole lane.

Everything is doneup to code.

All done accordingto the engineer's plans.

Oh, my God!You guys, this is amazing.

For the last few months

we've felt unsafeand really unhappy.

And now we can finallyenjoy the place.

Adam and Skip didn'tjust save our home,they saved our lives.

- Yeah.- All right,it's exciting day.

- Yeah.- Not quite over yet.

There is somebodyat the front door.

Come on in.

Scott:I was really conflictedseeing him again.

It's really hardbeing incredibly excited

about everything

and then inthe same breath

have to be so disappointedin somebody.

Jeff, to his credit,came back.

Scott:I guess the questionthat I have is,

why we never gotthe structural engineering?

I was tryingto get you guys in

on timeand on your budget.

And I'm sorry.

But that wasn't safe.

They put in the wrong beamin and had the inspectionbefore I made it out here.

And I'm done withresidential construction.

Samantha:I'm glad he learnedhis lesson.

I hope contractorsaround the country

know that you can't getaway with this -- anymore.You can't.

You're done withthe residential thing now?

- No more construction for you?- No more construction.

So one daywhen he's a famous rap star,

you can sayyou're living in

the last housethat he remodeled.

The lesson to walk awayfrom is when you removea load-bearing wall,

you hire a structural engineerto draw you up a plan,

bring it to the city,get it stamped

and then execute it.

You want your constructor'shands to have calluses,

not his hair.