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Iron Phoenix - E3 2004 Gameplay

Posted on: May 20, 2004 | Views: 15 | Comment

Many moons ago, a meteor crashed to earth. A blacksmith witnessed the devastation and described the column of fire as shaped like a fiery phoenix that shot toward the heavens. The blacksmith extracted the solid iron of the meteor and fashioned nine weapons of legend. The bearers of these weapons were rendered invincible, making the weapons the prized possessions of warlords far and wide. Now, a new generation of warriors will take part in a final battle to determine who will wield the ultimate power of the Iron Phoenix.

Experience 16-player battle via Xbox Live and System Link, along with an enthralling story-based single player component. With gameplay and story line straight out of a classic martial-arts epic, Iron Phoenix creates an unmatched fighting experience that includes rooftop chases, wall walking and classic fighting-game button combos to unleash devastating motion-captured martial-arts techniques. 

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