'Alright, Let's Catch A Contractor!'

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/17/2014

Adam and Skip confront Pedro about his abandoned job at the Kungl's house. Pedro tries to make some poor excuses, but Skip and Adam get right to the bottom of everything.

All right, let'scatch a contractor.

Adam: Hey, bro.

- My name's Adam.- Hi, how are you?

- You know me?- Yeah.

Ah, finally.Where you know me from?

"The Man Show"?"Jimmy Kimmel"?

Whateverhappened to that dude?I think he's on deep cable.

Anyway, I gotanother show.

This is where we takeincompetent contractors,

talk to 'em aboutsome of the mistakes

they may have madein the past.

- Like the Kungl family.- Recognize these people?Remember this family?

Mike, Dana? You didthe big skylight for them

that's nowlike a waterfallcoming into their house.

What's your excuse for this

mess that you'd calla skylight?

Where does he come offsaying that?

Skip: Wait, they owe you money? Oh, I don't think so at all.

I think you took their moneyand you did some -- work here.

Do you do a ton of yoga?Because you are so calm.

Or do you just have sawdustwhere your heart should be?

- Look at him smirk.- Because he got paid.

Pedro, did you knowthat these things leak?

Skip:What the hellwere you thinking,

using double-sided tapeon these panels?

- Adam: Oh, you'renot a roofer.- No.

That's a lie, too.

What do you meanyou're not a roofer?You told them you were.

That's a lie.That's a complete lie.

Your skill is bull--.

By code, water heatersneed to have two straps,

upper and lower,because we're inearthquake country

and it could posea hazard to the family.

They gotta pay someoneelse now to come in

and fix all of yourstupid mistakes.

And they paid youevery week,

and they neverasked questions,

and you screwed 'em, Pedro.

Adam: Of course they let you go!

Of course they don't wantyou anywhere near theirskylight.

You gouge them,you ripped 'em off.

And when you're donegouging and ripping 'em off,

the product wasn'teven there, Pedro.

No, you didn't do anythingwhat they paid you to do.

If anything, you justmade their house a hazard.

Well, you don't seem to have any answers.

- So, I'll be right back.One minute.- All right.