Burglar Caught On Camera

In Palm Springs, CA, Officer Steepleton helps other policemen who’ve apprehended a burglary suspect at a casino, a man who proclaims his innocence even though he was caught on a surveillance video.


I love my job, and I'm happy to

help out my fellow officer, my


If you're in the same place

every single day, you get to

know people.

I know Palm Springs and I have a

good relationship, good


( garbled radio transmission )

Right now we're going to the


Another officer spotted the male

I've been looking for who is

wanted right now in connection

with a bunch of... burglaries

involving washing machines,

vending machines.

He steals the quarters.

( garbled radio transmission )

He's out with the subject right

now that I identified from

surveillance cameras probably

about a week ago.

And he's already done a traffic

stop and is just waiting for me

to arrive on scene.


( garbled radio transmission )

Go and pull him out.


don't you get out of the car for

us for a minute.

>> STEEPLETON: What's going on?

>> Nothing.

>> STEEPLETON: You know why

you... do you know why you're

getting stopped this time?

>> He said that I drilled



>> GALVAN: It was a traffic


>> STEEPLETON: Take your hands

out of your pockets for me.

You're scaring me here.

Step over here.

Patting you down for weapons.

Face my partner.

No, face him like that.

There you go.

Put your hands on the back of

your head.

Spread your feet.

Do you have any type of drugs,

weapons on you?

>> No.

>> STEEPLETON: No? Okay.

What's this in your pocket right


>> My lighter.

>> STEEPLETON: Can I take it


>> Yeah.

>> GALVAN: He said he was just

coming by to drop off his


>> STEEPLETON: Really?

>> I'm not dropping her off.

I mean, I'm picking her up.

>> STEEPLETON: Okay, right now,

you're under arrest.

>> For what?

>> STEEPLETON: For burglary.

>> For burglary, okay.

>> STEEPLETON: True story.

And you want to know how I know?

>> How?

>> STEEPLETON: Because I saw

surveillance video of you...

>> Okay, I seen the surveillance


>> STEEPLETON: And you know


Everyone goes, "Who's this?"

I go, I go, "I know who that is,


You know what, you know what?

I'll even show you the video.

It has your truck...

>> I seen the videos.


>> I seen the videos on TV.

And it's not me.

>> It looks like you.

>> STEEPLETON: My gosh, it's not

your truck?

I was even telling people, they

go, they go, "What are those

round things?"

I go, "They're two happy faces

and a NHR sticker."

Boom! Aw...

Okay, have a seat.

Yeah, this is the truck right


You can't miss it on the


You can see the rear net.

Both stickers are clear.

The toolbox-- it's tan.

Uh, we just been looking for him

and now we have him and his


>> GALVAN: Hey, Scott, you're

aware of why you're under

arrest, is that correct?

>> Yeah.

>> GALVAN: Okay.

Having that in mind, do you wish

discuss the incident with me?

>> No.

>> GALVAN: No? Okay.

He don't want to talk about it.

He's guilty.

He's thinking about it.

He's been caught.

Another guy goes down.

( garbled radio transmission )

>> STEEPLETON: Going to be

backing an officer here on a

traffic stop.

He ran the plate and it's

expired by about three years.

The person's vehicle stalled as

he went by.

He doesn't know if it's... meant

to do that on purpose or if his

vehicle actually did stall.


his girlfriend, boyfriend, wife?

>> Yeah.

>> ABSHIRE: You don't have any

weapons on you or anything?

>> No.

>> ABSHIRE: Go ahead and hand

your wallet to her, please.

Turn around for me.

>> I just talked to the


>> Whoa, whoa, whoa, why is...

>> He's going to court for me


>> STEEPLETON: Okay, well, until

then... do you have any

paperwork inside here?

>> ABSHIRE: But for now...

>> Yeah, wait.

Where's those files?

I have the file...

>> STEEPLETON: Okay, just relax.

For right now, we got to do it

this way.

Judge says you have warrant.

>> What is the warrant?

>> STEEPLETON: Uh, I'm not sure.

I know...

>> ABSHIRE: Look towards me.

>> STEEPLETON: Look that way.

>> I have a file.

>> Okay, well...

What's today?

You'll see the judge tomorrow

morning unless you want to bail


I think it's for threats.

Do you have some kind of


>> It's just a violation on the

anger management classes.

>> Yeah, he just didn't...

>> For...? Was it like, domestic


>> Yeah.

It's an old case.

>> Between you two?

>> No.

>> Oh, no. No.

>> Okay. Okay.

>> ABSHIRE: If you've got an

attorney working on this, get

the attorney involved right now.

Because he's got two felony

warrants, the judge has ordered

us to take him into custody.

We don't have a choice.

>> I just needed a ride home.

>> ABSHIRE: We can give you a

ride home.

Do you have anything you want

out of the car?

>> My stuff isn't here.

I was just having him take me


>> ABSHIRE: Where do you live?

>> ( crying ): ...I'm sorry.

>> ABSHIRE: Do you have money

for a cab?

>> I have two dollars.

We were going to get gas right


I'm so sorry.

>> ABSHIRE: We'll get all the

details from him.

Okay, let me get you in the car.

I'll get a phone, okay?

>> I feel so bad.

>> STEEPLETON: Okay, here's

what's going on, okay?

He has two felony warrants.

>> But his violation was just

because of the anger management.

He missed one too many.


He's a day short.

Maybe tomorrow the ones will be

gone, but as of right now, the

judge says, "I want to talk to


I want you to bring him down."

So we're bringing him down.

>> ( crying ): It was all my


I made him give me a ride right


>> STEEPLETON: This officer will

talk to you here.

>> ABSHIRE: He's got felony


It's not your fault.

>> Because he was trying his

hardest to not drive and not go

anywhere because he wanted to

make sure the attorney got

everything under control...

>> STEEPLETON: But he's driving

a van that's expired in '99 and

it has one headlight.

>> I know.

The headlight went out last

night and I threw a fit and made

him drive me because...

( Abshire speaks inaudibly )

>> STEEPLETON: Yeah, go ahead

and check.

Okay, basically now we're going

to tow the van.

It's going to go.

And she, the girlfriend, is now

leaving with actually his


Why she's so upset, I don't


She feels like this entire

thing, him going to jail, is her

fault, when both of the felony

warrants he caused before he

even met her.

And we're just waiting for the

tow truck now and the van's


We'll give the form to the

arresting officer and clear the


That's pretty much it.