JDM Mischief - First 8 Minutes

Posted on: February 24, 2006 | Views: 2,759 | Comment

JDM Mischief showcases the best JDM sports and performance cars from the USA to Japan. And also a sort of soft core boxing match between two babes who strip to wisps of bikinis -- although what this has to do with drifting is anybody's guess. Babes sell?

Slide along with drifters at the US Drift Nationals and the SEMA show. Join the crew for illegal canyon racing, better known as the 'touge'. Finally, experience a ride in one of the fastest EVOs ever. JDM Mischief brings you the most exclusive photo shoots and wildest parties around, plus foxy boxing featuring some talented leggy models getting down and dirty.

For more info and to buy the DVD check out Destroy Entertainment 

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