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Romancing the Bride - Vaginal Rejuvenation

Posted on: December 2, 2005 | Views: 112 | Comment

When Melissa goes missing, her mother (Carrie Fisher) gives Brian (Josh Randall) an excellent excuse.

Straight-laced Laura Prepon gets smashed like a pi�ata and wakes up with more than she bargained for -- specifically, a hot tamale in her bed, claiming they're hitched! Was it true love that led her to tie the knot, or just some extra potent Mayan moonshine? Now she's got to figure out a way to end this impromptu marriage so she can get back to her normal life and get married.

Romancing The Bride premieres Saturday, December 3 at 8pm/7c with a 10pm encore. For more screening times and other info, please visit the Oxygen TV website

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