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Hedgehog In The Fog

Posted on: March 31, 2007 | Views: 0 | Comment

This clip from a 1975 short film directed by Yuri Norstein is an evocative piece done with cutouts and ink drawings, about a hedgehog who escapes danger with the help of the fog.
After Heron and Crane, Norstein and his team thought about making an "easy" film. Although the Norstein team (Norstein, Yarbusova and Zhukovsky) consisted of only three persons, the studio imposed on them the same production schedule given to films with large crews of 30 or more. By the day the film was due to be delivered to the studio, Norstein had only 20 percent completed. The director of Soyuzmultfilm was enraged and decided to shelve the project. He sent Norstein and Zhukovsky to a Communist Party committee meeting (as members of Soyuzmultfilm) to be reprimanded for disgracing the studio. Neither Norstein nor Zhukovsky were party members, but many of their friends were. Zhukovsky arrived early with a bottle of vodka and convinced a projectionist to stay late. He insisted that members of the committee see what Norstein had accomplished before making a final decision as to the fate of the film. The sixty meters the committee viewed were so impressive that all agreed to allow Norstein to complete the film.

This film is 12 min. long and can be watched in its entirety on the Masters Of Russian Animation DVD set - an extraordinary collection of Russia's most important animated short films by Russia's world renowned directors.  

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