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Minutemen Expose a "Mexican Military Incursion"

Posted on: February 8, 2006 | Views: 120 | Comment

The Minutemen, self-professed "patriotic nationalists who protect our nation's borders" have released this video of an alleged "Mexican Military Incursion" onto US soil. Critics question the real motives of the group's "vigilante" activities. Mother Jones, for instance, described a Minuteman event as "150 sorry-ass gun freaks and sociopaths spending a few days in lawn chairs cleaning their rifles, jabbering to the press, and peering through binoculars at the cactus-covered mountains where several hundred immigrants perish each year from heatstroke and thirst."

This clip was recently promoted by The Minutemen, only to be then pulled from their site when it was supposedly acquired by the Department of Homeland of Security. For the time being, it's still viewable here. 

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