Taffer's Most Difficult Bar Rescue Ever

Jon Taffer knew the daunting task that was facing him down when he agreed to rescue the Bungalow Bar in Rockaway, NY, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He seemingly did the impossible and turned a devastated bar into a symbol of hope.

None of the rescuesI do are easy

and now I've arrived atthe most difficult rescueI've ever faced.

( sirens wailing )

It's hard enough to remodelan existing space,

but having one weekto completely rebuild the bar

after it was devastated by 105-mile-an-hour winds

and 35-foot waveswas a grueling task.

Look at that mess.

That's why revivingthe once thriving

Bungalow Bar in Rockaway, New York,

in time for Memorial Daysummer kickoff

after it had been completelydecimated by Hurricane Sandy

is the number one toughest rescue

I have ever faced.

What happensif we don't openthis summer?

- A fortune's lost.- Not only was the barcompletely destroyed,

I couldn't get the brothersto agree on anything.

So, guys, here'sour building.

What colors do youwant it to be?

Right now it's tan.I'd like a lighter blue.

- Come on, bro.- What are you talking about?The color was perfect.

What do you want, Ryan?A funeral home in the entryway?

Let's put thatin the worst idea box.

Aside fromthe family infighting,

I also had a major weather setback to contend with.

Sal: If it doesn't stop raining...

( thunder rolls )

...I can't give Jonwhat he wants.

- Wow.- Still got a lotof work in here, Jon.

Oh, Sal.They're just settingequipment now.

22 hours away fromMemorial Day weekend.

These guys are $250,000 in debt

and I don't stand herewith any kind of confidencethat I can deliver this place.

This is clearlythe most difficult"Bar Rescue" I've ever done.

This rescueis all about the tenacityof the human spirit.

- It's time to see it,isn't it?- All: Yes.


two, three.

All:Oh, my God.

- Man: Wow.- Man #2: Oh, my God.

Jon: We took a devastated bar

and turned it into a symbol of hope

that a broken community could rally around.

- Do a grass angel.- ( laughing )

Terrence: I feel so blessed.

( crying )I do.

The Bungalow Baris my proudest rescue to date.

And the Tubridy brothers are thriving.

Prior to Hurricane Sandy,the Bungalow Bar

was making $400,000 a summer.

The summer followingthe relaunch,

they made morethan $800,000.

Their revenues doubled.

( all laughing )

Thanks, Jon.

That's why I do this--

to help people rebuildtheir livelihoods.

And also to make suredouchebags like this...

- All in.- ...step aside

so the rest of uscan make some frickin' money.

( music playing )