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The Wild Bunch - Trailer

Posted on: June 21, 2005 | Views: 610 | Comment

Pike Bishop (William Holden) is the leader of a small clan of outlaws confronting the closing American frontier. The year is 1913 and the prairie crew, disguised as US soldiers, ride into a dusty Texas town and rob the railway office. A bloodbath ensues with innocent people caught in the crossfire. The gang leaves town but the railroad boss' hired gunmen pursue them. Escaping to Mexico, the posse joins forces with the merciless, anti-revolutionary dictator, Mapache, agreeing to hijack a US ammunitions train. When Mapache double-crosses them and tortures youngest group member Angel, upon discovering he's a revolutionary, the gang is caught between bounty hunters and Mapache's troops. 

fight scenes • western • gun fight • out law • gang • frontier • john wayne • cowboy • shootout • gunslinger • william holden • Mexico