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John Callahan's Quads! - Vol. 1: Freak Parade - Episode 4 Clip

Posted on: July 28, 2005 | Views: 387 | Comment

Reilly springs a boner (oops, sorry, an erection) when he thinks of Franny's boobs (oops, sorry, breasts), even though she is haranguing him about his treatment of Eduardo. Reilly doesn't trust Eduardo, and then Spalding breaks into the couple's room saying that his watch has been stolen, and Reilly immediately thinks Eduardo is the thief.

John Callahan's Quads! tells the story of Reilly O'Reilly, a foul mouthed drunk who gets run over by a millionaire and rendered a quadriplegic. The driver of the car, ridden by guilt and fearful of lawsuits, gives Reilly a mansion. Reilly fills the mansion with people "less fortunate than himself" and together the handicapped anti-heroes form a dysfunctional little family 

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