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Michael Houseman (Michael Zall) is a professional man who works at home and is too lazy to get dressed beyond his pajamas and bathrobe. Homework is a comedic and mostly silent short film covering a three-day span in the life of Michael Houseman. He is lonely, depressed and sidetracked by professionally irrelevant happenings and wants out of his monotonous life. Will Mr. Houseman be able to make the transition into the real world workforce? Join Michael Zall in his acting debut, directed by his son Jeremy Zall, who has been attempting to lure his father's character mug into the business in which he knows he belongs. Homework, a modernized throw back to the 1920's forgotten silent film era, is hysterically funny and poignant, yet so simple. It is sure to please anyone who has ever tried to get any work done at home. 

real world • silent film • loner • agoraphobia • recluse • monotony • job