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Afro Samurai

Posted on: September 7, 2006 | Views: 0 | Comment

Set in a "futuristic, yet feudal Japan," and starring a black samurai named Afro. The story will follow Afro as he tries to avenge his father's murder. In the world of Afro Samurai, it is said that the one who becomes "Number One", will rule the world, wielding powers akin to a god. Someone becomes Number One by killing the previous Number One and taking his ceremonial headband. However, the only rule in this world is that only the "Number Two" (also designated by a sacred headband) is allowed to fight the "Number One." The downside of this is that anyone (and typically everyone) can challenge and try to kill the Number Two, to gain the right to move forward and challenge Number One. Afro Samurai's father was the old Number One, until he was challenged by a gunman, "Justice" (then Number Two), who fought him in a duel to become the new Number One. The gunman killed Afro's father right in front of him when he was just a boy, thus becoming the new Number One. Now an adult, Afro Samurai is the current Number Two and a master swordsman; he travels the road looking for revenge on the current Number One who killed his father. The current Number One, is a three-armed gunman who is the lord of the dark swordsman's road. Silent assassins attempt to eliminate Number Two, so that they can fight whoever is Number 1. Features the voice of Samuel L. Jackson and a soundtrack by the RZA of Wu-Tang Clan.  

martial arts • sci-fi • assassin • samuel l. jackson