Athlete of the Decade: Kobe Bryant - Guys Choice 2016

  • Aired 06/09/2016

Mamba out, but one more set of Mantlers for the road. Guys Choice airs Thursday June 9, 9/8c on Spike.

- Thank you, youknow I can't ah.

It's amazing howfast time flies.

I mean I can remember like it was yesterday

arriving here in LA with the dream of being a Laker,

and the dream of winning championships.

You know, I can't believe I'm standing here

in front of you guyswith it all being over.

But I can stand here extremely comfortable

in the career that I've had.

I can look myself in the mirror

and be comfortable with the fact that I

worked as hard as I possibly could every single day.

I gave it my absolute all every single day

I stepped out there.

Every moment I played as if it was my last.