Kathy's Brand New Kitchen

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/27/2014

Once the job is over, Kathy gets to have her first look at her brand new kitchen and hearth. She can now move on and live her life, and never have to think about Randy again.

- Oh, my gosh.- Holy cow, are wein the right house?

I can't even believe this.

- Cathy: Oh, my gosh.- Christine: Oh, Cathy, this is beautiful.


Adam: Brand-new cabinets all the way around

from our friends overat Cabinets To Go.

- They dida great job for us.- Wow.

All right, shall we check outthe rest of the tour,

move into the living room?

Oh, my gosh.

Skip: We have your hardwood flooring going all the way through,

but instead of running underneath the fireplace,

now you've got a beautifulslate tile underneath there.

Really, really nice.

I am extremely thankful

to Adam and Skipfor fixing this disaster.

Christine: It will finally be nice to live together as a family

the way we've beenwanting to for over a year.

One more little pieceof business to do here.


- Randy.- Skip: Come on in. Join the party.

I hope you didlearn something,

and I hope thisis something

that you never do toanyone again.

It'll neverhappen again, ever.

What did you learn, Randy?

Above everything else,to make sure I communicatebetter.

And the only birthdayyou don't have to work--

sweet 16, baby.

And we're allwell past that one.

The moral of the storyis if it takes your contractor

more than two monthsand five excuses

to get started,find a new contractor.

- Good luck, Randy.- Appreciate it.

Adam: At the end of the day,

I'm satisfied Randy learned his lesson

and now it's timefor him to move on

to his first love--interpretive dance.