'We've Decided… To Invest!'

Hawkin's House of Burgers wins the investment based on their family legacy and overall potential. With this investment, they can turn their business around and start turning a profit once again.

So unfortunately...

we had a very tough decision.

We've decided...

to investin Hawkins House of Burgers.

( squealing and cheering )

Cynthia, your family legacyis gonna go on.

( voice breaks )Thanks to you. God.

Cynthia, you've been losing$4,500 a month.

The three of us are convinced

that we can turnthis place around.

And you guys are making money.

Jon: The thing that makes me want to invest in Hawkins

is Cynthia's attitude.

And Erik says he wants to pay the first $10,000

back to his employees.

I don't like that idea because I'm not here for charity.

- I'm here for the money.- Now here's the best part.

We're gonna invest $42,000in your business.

- Oh, my God.- Thank you so much.

We picked Cynthia becauseshe has outstanding pride

in her family legacy and sheshowed us that she has a plan.

Now Erik's stubborn attitudeand unpaid debt

ultimately did him in.

And what we wanna dois we wanna paint the exterior,

and we wanna expandthe takeout program.

- Okay.- Make your kitchen bigger

and add a fewnew kitchen appliances.

So are you readyto take our offer?

- I'm ready!- Give me a hug!

We're ready!We're ready!

Cynthia: I can't wait to tell my customers tomorrow.

I can just like, holler, can I holler?

Hello, hello!

I'm gonna start dancing like James Brown, I'm serious.

We're gonna finally get--we're gonna finally get

some modernization in HawkinsHouse of Burgers after 75 years.

Come on in here,everybody.

Besh: Awesome job.

We believe in you.