Drunken Owner Gets Ousted By His Partners

Jerry, the co-owner of O'Banion's in Omaha, NE, gets fall-down drunk every night and is unable to fulfill his managing duties. This forces his partners to kick him out until he's fit to lead.

Sometimesforming a partnership

is a great wayto get startedin the bar business.

Co-owners can splitthe workload

and bounce ideasoff one another.

But sometimes,partnerships turn ugly

and requirea hostile takeover.


Come on!Where's my --bartenders at?

- We're bartending!- Jerry: Hello!

Jon: When Jerry of O'Banion's in Omaha, Nebraska,

became too belligerent to fulfill his management duties,

that's exactly what his co-owners Dave and Steve, did.

I got balls.( laughs )

- Hostile takeover?- Let's do it.

It was the onlyhostile takeoverI have ever had to do.

And that is why Jerry is the eighth worst owner

I've ever gone toe-to-toe with.

You're a drunken fool.And you're disrespectful

to your partners,whose houses areon the line.

Dave:We've talked aboutthis many times.

Not drinking in the bar,not yelling across the bar.

- We're having a great time!- This is not abouta great time,

this is aboutmaking money!

( slurring )Come on now!It's like, man,

it's like we're--we're having a great time.Everybody's in here!

I haven't beenhaving a great time.

I've been sittingout in that vehicle

watching you makean ass out of yourself.That is not fun to me.

This is a hostile takeover.We're taking control.

You're notrunning things anymore.

- This is bull--!-- bull--!- ( clatters )

That's enough.Get out, now.

- Steve: You're done.- -- bull--!

- You're -- my brother!- Man: Come on.


That's -- bull--!

That's my --own -- brother!That is --!