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411VM Skateboarding Issue 67 - Openers and Intro with Rob Dyrdek

Posted on: November 30, 2004 | Views: 0 | Comment

Hosted by the outspoken Rob Dyrdek, issue 67 takes you on his Day in the Life. Rob shows off the U.A.V., skates the DC park, test-drives a Porsche, and gets the 411VM cover photo all in the same day!

The Chaos features a high-energy stable of tricks with bangers from Josh Kalis, Rick McCrank, Rob Dyrdek, Leo Romero and tons more. The AMs follow suit in Hot Wheels featuring up and comers Devine Callaway, Fabian Gossin, and Jeremy Reeves.

Issue 67 trekked to Europe for the bowlrider's contest series and brought back raging speed, huge frontside airs, and endless coping grinds from Marseille Quiksilver Bowlriders and Brixlegg Etnies Bowlriders.

This issue's Main Event is something to remember - DC President Ken Block, along with Philly resident Josh Kalis, present the city with a check for $1,000,000 to fund maintenance of LOVE Park after skateboarders are allowed back in. Keeping the spotlight on Philly, issue 67 has a Spot Check at Kerry Getz's personal training facility. Yeah, you're going to be jealous after you see Kerry, Josh Kalis, and Pete Eldridge shred the place.

The indoor park is looking like a pretty good idea when it's starting to get cold outside -- so 411VM is bringing back a piece of Summer -- come along on a VIP-only tour bus Road Trip on the DC Summer Tour with appearances by just about every member of the DC team. Josh Kalis has a couple more tricks up his sleeve as he assembles his Pro Set-up and breaks down a few stylish lines.

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