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Underfunded - Canadian Secret Agent

Posted on: November 7, 2006 | Views: 291 | Comment

Agent Freehorn pursues a biological weapons dealer.

Darryl Freehorn is an agent in the Canadian Secret Service (CSS). Caught between a constricting budget and an inane American Intelligence Community, Freehorn works as a liaison with the U.S. State Department to solve international conspiracies and busts American prescription drug smugglers. Freehorn is frequently met with skepticism by American officials when he introduces himself as an agent of the CSS, to which he always responds with "We have one, too." Costar Joanna Canton plays Naomi Lutz, a smitten assistant to Freehorn bucking for a job as a full-blown agent. Canadian Secret Service Agent Daryll Freehorn doesn't get respect. Or funding. Wednesdays on USA. 

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