Getting Crafty

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/15/2014

While Bryan and Jason don't know too much about craft patterns, their friend Cindy does. After recruiting her for help they find out just how valuable these crafts are.

The craft pattern'sreally not my thing.

I don't know much about them.

But I do know that thereare people who are making

a lot of money selling them.

These look pretty good.

Jason: They've also been priced pretty reasonably,

two bucks for mostof the stuff.

As a fulltime,professional thrifter,

I don't wanna leavemoney on the table

so I need to figure outwhere the money is

within all these patterns.

See, I don't know. Is thisis a waste of six bucks

or is this 1,000 dollars?

You know who might know?

Cindy. Who?

We decide to give Cindy a call.She's a good friend of ours

and she's a greatonline seller.



Hey, we're in that thriftstore at the corner

of Eastern and Tropicana.

Are you nearby by any chance?

Cool. You wanna come in?We're in the back corner.

Yeah, look for the, uh, two,most handsome men in the store.

Hopefully Cindy will tell us ifthis is worth a lot of money

or just a waste of timeand we should move on.

Hey, guys.

Hey, Cin.

Cindy: I had needlework stores so we decided

let's try selling online.

On an average month,online sales for me

are about 10,000 dollars.


Oh, wait; wait.


I could see the dollarsigns in her eyes.

This has got a lot of stuffin it that I'm already seeing.

I'm tickled to see these twocompletely out of their element.

This kit that's $1.99.

I guarantee you, guaranteeyou, 120 dollars.

Shut up.

Patterns and crafts aren't a manly thing

but neither are dresses andpurses and I buy and sell those.

It's all about the money.

These are $1.99 for two;guarantee 20 to 25 dollars each.


If I can make some goodmoney on them, I don't know.

You may see me, uh,knitting one of these days.

Some of them go for150 dollars each.

The reason why all of theseneedlework kits go for so much

is because all the small,mom and pop operations

have pretty much closed.

Your large chainsare not carrying

a lot of these kits anymore.

And they can't find these items.

Their first choiceis to go online.

Wait guys; I didn't see this.

Wait. There's acouple of them.

So if you look downhere and you see

"Made and printed in the USA",these are a goldmine.

This one's 120.

This one's 160 to 200 dollars.

I saw that first.

Wait; wait; wait.

It's a three-way fight.

What are you thinking?What are you doing?

I think I want to keepthem both and sell them.

I'm getting the impression thatshe's not gonna give these back.

It's a three-way fight.Now stop it.

This one you didn'teven see. OK?

Wait, what?

Hey, Cindy; we saw these first.