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Miss Rheingold 2004 - Kim

Posted on: November 3, 2003 | Views: 134 | Comment

Kim, a busty blonde barmaid in leather pants, jumps up on the bar, makes some sexy moves, and does a wet t-shirt trick with a bottle of Rheingold.

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Rheingold Beer, brewed in New York City since 1883, is looking for the lovely, luscious lass to crown "Miss Rheingold" for 2004. Six gorgeous bartenders from around town stepped up to compete for the tiara: Carmel, Dani, Erin, Kim, Raquel and Shequida. Among them an opera singer, a flamenco dancer, a barroom brawler, a couple of strippers and a pop diva hopeful. The voting is done, and the new bearer of the tiara will be announced shortly at the Rheingold Beer Website

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