Drunken Owners Refuse To Clean

At MT Bottle, owner Tracy lets people drink for free in his bar, and completely overlooks the septic spring in his basement.

The next barin my lineup was run by

husband and wife owners, Tracy and Gina Bigford.

They were so resigned to wallow in their own failure,

they let people drink at their bar for free!

And Tracy even refusedto learn how to use a mop,for Christ's sake.

What the -- is this thing?I ain't never seen that--

But the worst thingabout this bar

was the abyssin the basement,

which is why M T Bottle in Murfreesboro, Tennessee,

occupies the sixth spot on my list

of the most disgusting bars.

Show me what you got.

Now this is really disorganized down here.

We got fruit flies. We got mold everywhere.

We got smell everywhere.And the smell goes upstairs,

because you can smell itup there a little bit.

- A little musty smelldown here, huh?- Tracy: Yeah.

( Jon sniffs ) What is that smell? What is this?

This is a natural spring

that we have in our basement.

Jon: Natural spring water?

This is notnatural spring water.Smell this!

Look at this!

- Tracy: That's terrible.- Gina: That is terrible.

Look at this!

- Smell it!- I don't wanna smell it.

This is notspring water.

You could've fixed this.

Now I gotta tell ya somethin'. There's food eight feet from here!

If there's black mold in here, we're done.

This is frickin'disgusting.

I don't even wantto stand here anymore.

Let's get out of here.