Jimmy and Judy - World Premiere Trailer

Posted on: September 11, 2006 | Views: 128 | Comment

For Jimmy (Edward Furlong), a hyper-intelligent college dropout, exposing the truth is something he does only by accident. He's obsessed with his handheld video camera, which he uses to tape anything and everything in his life, playing God with the lens. He manipulates his parents, their friends, even his therapist, entirely for his own amusement. There are even rumors that Jimmy was expelled from college because he talked his roommate into committing suicide on camera.

Things take a turn when Jimmy refocuses his attentions on Judy (Rachael Bella), a timid ingenue who's constantly bullied at school. Hoping to gain her affections, he exacts revenge upon her enemies at school, taping himself in the act. When Judy sees it, she quickly falls in love with her passionate protector, and the two become entangled in a whirlwind romance. 

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