Setting Up The Sting On A Pretty Boy Contractor

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/21/2014

Allison tracks down this slick contractor Jeff Dillman, who is an aspiring model and just so happens to live in a $3.5 million mansion in Orange County. Just wait until he meets Skip & Adam.

This guy drives fastin that Range Rover.

He's definitely speedingright now.

I got a lead through DMVon an old vehicle

that was registeredto his current address.

Once I gota hold of that address,

I followed him.

Oh, --.

I had to eat a coupleof red lights,

go through a coupleof stop signs.

I had to stayclose to him,

but I had to stay far enoughaway that he doesn't see me.

But, finally, he stopsat a contraction site,and I could approach him.

You doingsome work over here?

I need to get some workdone on my house

and I was just wonderingif maybe I can have

you come overfor an estimate.

I don't reallyknow anybody.

Okay, great. Do you have,like, a card or something?

Oh, awesome, nice card.

Good quality paper.

"Jeff." You're Jeff?

Nice to meet you.Thank you. Have a good day.

We got him.

We're sending cameras inand we're going to roll onthe game plan.

Okay, so I just got a text.He's just a few minutes away.So I want to make this quick.

He has been doing very wellfor himself.

He's living in Orange Countyin a $3.5 million home.

- Really?- Yeah.

Not only that, I've actuallyfound pictures of him ona modeling website.

Well, either we're goingto get this guy

and drag him backto finish his job,

or I'm going to suck up to himand hangout in his grotto.

Today's the day we're puttingthe sting on Jeff Dillman.

Cameras are going up.

Woman: All cameras are beingput into place.

Skip's pumpedand puffed up.

You ready?

- I think so.- A little nervous.

I'm poised and ready.

Jeff thinks is gettinga deposit.

He's getting a "suposit."

It's going to be good.

Our target's approachinglocation right now.

Let's make surethe perimeter is clearof our production personnel.

Inside, inside.

- There he is.- There he is. There he is.

He's coming.

Move, yeah. Go.

Alison: Hi.

Hi. Come on in.

- Come on in.- All right.

You can just takea seat over here,

and I will goget my husband.

He's all yours.

Skip: All right,let's catch a contractor.

- Hey, Jeff.- Oh --.