Suit Up

  • Season 1
  • Aired 01/31/2014

Michael dons a ghillie suit to up his stealth game, and he and Kat make a couple of interesting finds. Meanwhile, Stacy and Dave set up their live bait.

Oh! The bugs are reallygetting me now.

Well, you know what,that's a good idea.

I'll put my--I'll put my Ghillie suit on.

(Michael)This is known as a Ghillie suit.

It breaks up my outline.

It's basically a portable blindand allows me to become a bush.

Time to break out the stealth.

I can weave material into this

so that I blendright into the environment.

Having the Ghillie suit on

is gonna give usa bit of an advantage.

Hopefully, Sasquatchwon't see us coming.

You don't want to looklike a person,

smell like a person,or sound like a person.

Hey, is that fresh--Did that--

Is that bark justfreshly ripped off that tree?

It looks pretty fresh.What the hell?

It is, isn't it?

You think that's weird?

I've never seena root like this

with the bark peeled off it.

Okay, we just foundwhere something has ripped

the bark off of a spruce tree.

You can see the claw marks.

They're about two inches apart.

Very peculiar,I haven't seen this before.

Hey! Oh, look!What?

Look at what I found.

Oh, my word!

It's ginormous!

It's a big, big bone.

There's another bone.Is this a kill site, Mike?

They're all over.

Another one.

Yeah, they're all over.

They say that Sasquatchis an ambush predator.

It's possible that the markson this tree and these bones

could be caused bythe phenomenon known as Bigfoot.

(Stacy)Well, hey, this fire

it's not in a placewhere there's a lot fires,

so it may attract them.

They're gonna comestraight down that hill

looking for some (bleep).

We won the advantageand we got fire.

(Dave L)And we get to pick another team

to share our advantage with.

(Kirsten)What up, cous'?

So we chose Kirsten and Shaneyto use them as bait.

How'd y'all do?

Good. We got aboutseven samples, I guess.

(Dave L)It's a good advantage

to have females in the field,

especially around a campfire.

You just get them talkingto each other and getting loud.

That draws in the Sasquatch.

They don't know it,

but Bigfoot ain't nothing buta hairy ho woods pimp,

and so we neededsome hos out there,

and that's what we did.