Once in a Lifetime - Shep Messing

Posted on: June 7, 2006 | Views: 211 | Comment

A 1970s soccer star talks of the time he posed nude for a magazine, which helped the team gain publicity.

It was 1977 and one of New York's most tumultuous and decadent summers. Then, in the midst of blackouts, riots, the Son of Sam serial killer scare and the dawn of Studio 54, came an entirely unexpected moment of inspiration: the rise of the New York Cosmos, America's first great soccer team, and its larger-than-life superstar, Pele.

Suddenly embraced by a city obsessed with celebrity and flamboyance, the Cosmos kicked off America's first passionate love affair with the world's most popular sport. But swept up in a careening path of glory, glamour, debauchery and controversy, the Cosmos themselves imploded. 

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