Adam & Skip Confront A Preppy Contractor

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/23/2014

Slippery contractor Jeff tries to make any excuse possible to cover his rear end after Adam & Skip lure him into a sting. When his options are explained to him, he reluctantly agrees to return to the job.

Jeff, this looks like justa hack did this place.

Well, it wasn't completelyfinished so--

You're hanging out ina grotto drinking a Mai Tai.

These guys are livingin dangerous crap.

We got to gut this whole joband start over from scratch.

There is still moneyleft on their contractto cover the rest of it.

- No.- $3,000, $4,000?

That's not enoughto tape the drywallthat you left behind.

I was also cutting him breaksleft and right.

Cutting them breaks?Like using half a sheet

of sheetrock insteadof the full sheet?

If you cut them anymorebreaks, they'd be livingin a Port-A-Pottie.

What did you thinkwas gonna happen?

It wasn't gonna go away.

There were thingsthat were done wrong,

and there were guys thatcame in and did -- work.

I was redoing thingstwo and three times.

Ate it outof my own pocket.

It made it difficultto keep operations going.

So that's where it ended.

You had no problem leavingit with an unsafe situationlike this either, right?

You needed a set of plansand engineering

on this load-bearing wallthat you took out.

- It wasn't load bearing.- Yes, it was.

Don't stand thereand -- lie to me, man.

You know thisis a load-bearing wall.It's not safe.

You should just admit,you knew it was load bearing

and you're a liar,because if you don'tadmit that,

you're just saying,"I don't know what the --I'm talking about."

Well, I'm not happywith a lot of the work,

but I did not dothe work myself.

I mean, clearly,in your Gucci jacket,

you're not putting ona tool belt and go and doingthe work yourself, Jeff.

But guess what?You're getting paid to havethe right people there.

Have you even ever donethis type of work before?

I mean, structural changeslike this?

Did you even knowthat you need a permitand engineering beforehand?




You should bea lawyer, Jeff.

No, but...

So he doesn't seem to knowwhat a load-bearing wall was.

He doesn't seem to knowhow to have the proper peopleon the job site.

It seems to melike this might have been

the first remodeling jobthis guy has ever been on.

Come back,get this job done right.

I'd have to seewhat they're offering.

I'm not goingto just say, "Oh, yeah,blindly, I'll do whatever."

Oh, yeah, but see,really the way it's goingto go, Jeff,

you've got three options.

You can either come backand do the job properly,

return the money,

or we're going to helpthe family take you to court.

Kind of puts me ina "here's your only option."