A Completely Contaminated Kitchen

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/10/2014

Adam and Skip are shocked to see that contractors left a kitchen completely contaminated. Now the homeowners are at risk, and infested with silverfish and crickets.

Skip:What the hellis going on in here?

Joan: There was contamination everywhere.

When the cleanup crew came, they had to come in

and rip out all the cabinets.

We're leaning against somethingthat's contaminated, right?

Yeah, it was taken outand brought back in.

The contractor actually broughtthese contaminated cabinets

back inand reinstalled them?

Joan: Yeah, we just had them place this back in here

so we could kind of live normally,

but we've gotten infestedwith silverfish and crickets.

- Ew.- It's a lot of fun.

I know they're a delicacyin some places, but...

- Man, I hate those things.- No, I don't like 'em.

By the way, Junior,I would have left Momyears ago.

I would have blownthis taco stand years ago.

Skip: You got cabinetry that went right back up over the studs

without even any Sheetrock. Nothing's been sealed up.

So these things are just free to come up through the ground,

the foundation and justmake a home in your house.

I've seen a lotof bad contractors.

You know, guys that haveno regard for theircustomers at all.

This guy just wantedto take the money and run.

Either way,it's bull--.