Rebuilding A Ceiling The Correct Way

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/23/2014

After bringing contractor Jeff back to his unfinished job, Adam & Skip give him an education on how to do home improvement-- the correct way.

Jeff, I hope you didn'tjust get a mani-pedi.

This is how I wake upin the morning, man.

Every model says that.

Skip: So nowthat we have the engineeringand the plans back,

we know exactly what we needto put up in that ceiling.

We've got to startby doing demolition

and ripping everything elseout that Jeff did.

Get all the support beamsand all the ceiling jointsback up in there

to make it all structurallysafe and sound for the family.

This stuff is popping outlike a homeless' guy's teeth.

Where did you findthese tile guys?

Some werethrough Craigslist.

Craigslist is for picking updudes only.

( Skip laughs )

Let's go, pretty boy.

Whoa, Jeff,hold on a second, man.

You can't putthat thermostat there.

I mean, you're directlyunderneath the air exit.

Jeff: That's whereit originally was.

- That's idiotic.- It definitely doesn't gounderneath the vent.

The thermostat wantsto be close to a return

which is where the airis getting sucked backinto the system,

not rightunderneath an air vent

because the thermostat kickson and calls for air,

the air is going to blowout at that temperatureright on the thermostat.

As a result, the room is goingto stay cold all the time.

Now you're makingmore work for us.

Adam:Today is the day we show Scottand Samantha their house.

Bend at the scrotum.

We went through itfrom rear to front,soup to nuts,

and I can't waitto see their reactions.

Scott: Oh, my God.Here we go.