Expert Mixologist Behind The Bar

Mixology expert Scott Ford trains the staff at South Park how to make the perfect cocktail.

Tomorrow night, guys,the turn's real.

Jon: Jeff still hasn't returned, but I have big plans

for the grand opening tomorrow night,

and I need the staffto be prepared.

Your recipes,your pouring.

and your presentationof your products.

I want to see you guys making people smile.

All right, guys, let's do it.

The new drink menu is much morecomplicated than the old one.

So we'll be watching the staffto see who gets the hang of it

'cause it's sink or swim time.

Perfect Manhattan,what makes it perfect?

- Nalani: Both sweet and dry.- Scott: Equal amounts, right?

What's gonna make itthe Montclair Manhattan

is we've gotcherry bitters here.

I guarantee you places aroundhere aren't gonna have it.

So this is gonna addthat extra touch.

We've put together a great menuof really cool drinks

that fit our premium metropolitan concept,

and now Scott has to train the staff

how to make those drinks.

Anyone like to trya perfect Manhattan?

These are not cheap products.They have to be done properly.

Let's do a Lemon Drop.We will use premium vodka.

Triple sec,sweet and sour mix.

Speedwise, too, wheneveryou can grab two bottles

and pour at the same time,that's always best.

Always be tasting the drinksin your mind as you go.

I want lemon all the wayaround the rim.

Give it that extra taste.

Then we've got a nice coldpremium Lemon Drop Martini.

Double straw?

Yeah, exactly, exactly.

Toniann, she's clearlythe strongest back there.

There's a reason why she was made manager, and it shows.

She's sharp.She's focused.

She seeswhat's going on back there.

Hey!How are you?

And then shake itto perfection!

Let me know how it is.It's the first one I made.

It's a party!And you're invited.

Scott: These bartenders have come a long way.

- And their pours are spot-on.- Cool, thank you.

Jon: I just want to say I was very proud of everybody.

Look at the smiles.

We're not even reallyat our grand opening yet,

which is tomorrow night.